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What is “The Biggest Project”?
A Worldwide distribution of “The Biggest Question” DVD to college/high school campuses, churches, fairs and other large venues.
What is the goal of this project?
To educate, inform, and alert as many individuals as possible to the most important truth on earth: who they are, who God is and how they can be reconciled to Him.
How will this be accomplished?
In two ways.
1. Through Wretched Teams that will consist of Wretched listeners (like YOU) who will be strategically located all around the world.
2. By financial giving. This is huge. Giving=Give-away(s)!

How can I give financially to support this effort?
lick HERE to support this.

How can I help?
You can either purchase your own copies of “The Biggest Question” or partner with us so that we can make it available to others. Please keep this effort in prayer.

How can I lead a team of people to pass out The Biggest Question in my area? I have at least 7 committed people that will do this with me and I want to help!
Email your name, state, the church that you attend (include your pastor’s name and contact information) and closest big city that you live by, to

How can I volunteer to help a team pass out DVD’s?
We will be opening up this opportunity possibly later down the road, so tune in to Wretched to find out more details and keep checking back on this page.

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The Best Explanation of The Biggest Project

The Biggest Question Wedding, every guest received a copy... Way to go Ryan and Claudia!


The Biggest Question DVD

The Biggest Question goes to Paschal High School

The Biggest Question at UTA


What is the Biggest Question?

A Snippet of The Biggest Question

The Biggest Question DVD

Spread His Word

Can you imagine the impact and potential The Biggest Project will have to reach the lost with the Gospel!?

Look what one Wretched listener said when he got wind of the outreach:

“What do we need to do to be able to hand out 3500 copies at CU Boulder and 20,000 in Colorado and 200+ in the prison system? Why stop there? How about every church in Colorado?”  - Jake from Colorado

We agree with Jake! We desire to see this as big as God allows. Thank you to our listeners that have supported The Biggest Question. And to those that have emailed us expressing a desire to take the DVD to the next level.


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