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“Take a dollop of sarcasm, mix it in with conservative theology and voila, you have Wretched TV.”

The great news is: God has a plan to save wretches. That is what Wretched TV is all about.

Who is Wretched? For starters, the apostle Paul is wretched (Romans 7:24). But Paul is not the only wretch the song refers too. The Bible says that everyone is wretched (Romans 3:23).

Like no other Christian television broadcast, "Wretched" focuses on proclaiming the Good News for wretches. Youth and adults love the engaging, conversational, spontaneous, highly produced delivery of "Wretched".

Fast paced, energetic, topical, theological and fun, "Wretched" dives into the news of the day from a Christian perspective. But " Wretched" doesn't just talk about today's news, "Wretched" also discusses old dead guys.Like no other program, "Wretched" artfully weaves between contemporary and classic topics.

What is Wretched?

Testimony after testimony from viewers proclaim:

“Thank you for helping me to understand the Gospel. I was a false convert until I heard 'Wretched'. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“I had no idea that theology could be so relevant, interesting and fun.”

“I wish I had known about Wretched years ago!”

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