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About the Book

Horrifyingly, George Barna contends that over 60 percent of Christian kids will run off to university and “lose their faith.” Some pollsters believe the number is as high as 80 percent.

But there is great news! Your child doesn’t have to become a statistic. Your child can become an adult who loves the Lord the same way you do — but this will likely require a radical parenting reset on your part.

Reset for Parents  gets to the heart of the issue and presents a solid, biblical roadmap for parents to avoid the pain and heartache of raising a prodigal.



"This book will bring you to your knees and lift you up to serve your children more intentionally and with more humility." - Tedd Tripp, President of Shepherding the Heart Ministries

"Hard hitting. Theologically sound. Desperately needed." - Ray Comfort, Living Waters

"It's great!" -Lou Wallack

"I bought Reset for Parents and have ordered 6 more since, to give to others.  I finished reading it today and it is wonderful!! A very good resource for those of us that need a reminder of how and why to disciple our children. A must read!!" - Rob N Kari Collins


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