The Biggest Project

A Worldwide distribution of “The Biggest Question” DVD to college/high school campuses, churches, fairs and other large venues.
$30,314 of $45,000 raised for this campaign
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What is “The Biggest Project”?

A Worldwide distribution of “The Biggest Question” DVD to college/high school campuses, churches, fairs and other large venues.

What is the goal of this project?

To reach as many people as possible with the hope of the Gospel.

How will this be accomplished? In two ways.

  1. Through Wretched Teams that will consist of Wretched listeners (like YOU) who will be strategically located all around the world.
  2. By financial giving. This is huge. Giving=Give-away(s)!

Three ways you can help today: 

  1. You can either purchase your own copies of “The Biggest Question” (please email if you do as we would like to know about it and possibly feature you on our networking sites.
  2.  Partner with us (by supporting DVDs one time or monthly) so that we can make it available to others. Click the green button above that says support this project.
  3. Partner with us by leading a team. Please email if you are interested.


What others are saying:

“The Biggest Question DVD has been a tremendous resource for our evangelism team. The supporters of The Biggest Project enabled us to reach thousands of people that would not have otherwise." - Josef Urban, MIssionary, Guadalajara, Mexico

“Best evangelism resource to date.” –Emilio Ramos, Pastor, Heritage Grace Community Church.

“When I took over the pastorate of a small church we had no budget for outreach at the time and so the faithful financial supporters of Biggest Project enabled us to get a hold of The Biggest Question DVDs and form a team without having the funds to purchase DVDs. Here we are nearly 4 years later and we have a growing evangelism ministry that meets regularly and goes out into the community to open air and hand out BQ DVDs. God used the faithful giving of those who paid for teams to go out in those early years to help this church awaken to their great need and responsibility to share the Gospel. I'm wiping back tears even now remembering the sweet feeling of seeing them come alive to answer the call to get busy witnessing to those around them. Can't express enough thanks and give enough glory to God.” – Jason Hilliard, Pastor, Faith Baptist Church Duncanville, TX

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!:

To our generous supporters! Because of you, we have passed out hundreds of thousands of DVDs.

 “Those who turn many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever and ever.” – Daniel 12:3




I've taken part in one previous Biggest ? college handout and am planning another one in days. These are excellent DVD's wit a solid gospel presentation! I've also purchased hundreds of these over the years and have passed them out door to door as well as at fairs, festivals, and various other places. This DVD has both English and Spanish gospel presentations so they are even better than previous iterations in that respect. Get them and give them away. Or please support the giveaways financially!


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