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**Drive By Parenting (Immediate Download)

**Drive By Parenting (Immediate Download)

Drive By Parenting will help you get to the heart of the issue, which is the issue of the heart.

Price: $19.99

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Prepare to Hear Something Radical!
Most parenting methods teach parents how to control a child’s behavior.
One visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s should tell us that isn’t working out.
Why? While we might be able to modify behavior (at least while the child
knows we are looking), modern methods do not address the foundational problem.
Behavior modification says: change the behavior and you change the child.
Biblical parenting says: change the heart and you change the behavior.

Join Todd Friel and best-selling author, Dr. Tedd Tripp as they share 31
PRACTICAL lectures on shepherding a child’s heart. This is NOT ten steps to
training your three children so they behave five times better by six o’ clock.
Instead, Drive By Parenting shares time-tested Biblical teaching on getting to the
foundational reasons why your child (and you) behave the way they do.

No matter how good or bad your home presently is, there is hope that it can
be better.
This is not a man made system.
This is God’s method for training up your child.
And it works.

"I downloaded Drive By Parenting and it is excellent. I have not even finished it but I am trying to implement the concepts already and I noticed that it really helped to ask questions rather than command.  I hope my husband and I can listen together during our 40 minute drive to and from church."

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