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Drive By Theology (1 Mp3 Disk)

Drive By Theology (1 Mp3 Disk)

Drive By Theology - 48 Systematic Theology Lessons... before you get to work every day on 1 Mp3 disk.

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Drive By Theology is also available in discounted gift 5-packs.

Chances are you spend about 30 minutes driving to work every morning.
Chances are that after you finish praying and praising (unless you
car pool, then that would be weird), you kill the rest of your commute by:

• Listening to wacky morning shows.
• Muttering, “Now I’ve seen it all” at women putting on mascara while driving.
• Encouraging several male drivers to turn in their man cards.

We have an option. Drive By Theology. 48 sixteen minute lectures by Todd Friel and R.W. Glenn that will redeem your time and:

• Provide a rock solid theological foundation.
• Give you a greater appreciation for the soundness of Scripture.
• Give you 48 reasons to praise God (even if you are carpooling).

You will learn: Bibliology, Theology Proper, Anthropology, Soteriology and ten other cool words that will impress people at a potluck.
In just 10 weeks, you will:

• Never want to hear Todd Friel’s voice again.
• Never be duped by bad teaching.
• Never scream at a fellow commuter.



Please note, R.W. Glenn is no longer in ministry. This does not compromise the integrity of this product. If you would like further information, please contact his church at

The conversational format is perfect for conveying this kind of information and it makes it come alive!  "Drive by Theology" helps clarify and drive home the concepts being presented by adding allegories, quotes, presenting questions and answers and presenting applications for today. 

 This is an awesome product, probably your best yet!

 Jody W.


"I really like these two guys. I enjoy listening to them and learning from them. They can teach! So take a break from whatever noise accompanies your daily routine and listen to Todd and R.W. on Drive By Theology. I predict you will grow in your knowledge of God, understanding of the gospel, and appreciation of grace. And laugh a lot too."

C.J. Mahaney , Sovereign Grace Ministries

"Drive by Theology is probably the most helpful and biblically clear program I have ever listened to. It has expanded my knowledge in each different topic they talk about from the Bible. Every time I listen I learn something new and helpful. Mr. Todd Friel also has a great sense of humor, which always makes me and my family laugh while we learn. If you want family-friendly audio then look no further. You have come to the right place."
Andrew Chesemore, age 12, (C.J. Mahaney’s grandson)
If you’ve ever thought that studying theology is a boring exercise, you’ll love listening to these wonderful lectures. My friend Todd Friel and Bob Glenn discuss important doctrines of the Christian faith, firmly grounding them in the truth and authority of God’s Word. These lectures will help you more fully understand why you believe what you believe. In the time it takes you to drive to work, you can learn more about defending your faith and sharing the hope of Christ with the world—giving an answer from the Bible as a trustworthy source.”

Ken Ham, President, Answers in Genesis/Creation Museum



(1 Mp3 Disk)

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