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**Drive By Theology Study Guide and Curriculum

**Drive By Theology Study Guide and Curriculum

Drive By Theology Study Guide and Curriculum. (Immediate Download) This is a download to be used with Drive By Theology.

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Welcome to the Drive By Theology Study Guide & Curriculum. This curriculum has been designed to be a flexible way to study the various doctrines found in Scripture in a systematic way. Todd Friel leads you through this study of the truths of the Christian faith with the help of R.W. Glenn. You will find yourself laughing at the wisecracking as you are drawn through an engaging dialogue explaining the important aspects of the doctrines found throughout Scripture—all pointing to the redemption that comes in Jesus Christ. These events will be presented in 48 parts arranged into eight broad topics. After studying through these lectures, you will be able to tell your friends the difference between ecclesiology and eschatology—and a bunch of other -ologies.  

Each of the lectures is only about fifteen minutes, so there is no way you can learn everything there is to know about the doctrines revealed in the 66 books of the Bible. This curriculum is intended to serve as a guide and a springboard for you to dig deeper into the doctrines that get a “drive by” treatment in the lectures. As you hear a doctrine, person, or place mentioned by the speakers, you will find it listed on the lesson outlines with a small space to record some of the things you hear or questions you might have. 

Homeschool Study—using this curriculum as a guide and employing all of the additional study ideas and additional resources could easily turn into a year-long project. Doing a lecture or two per week as you develop a timeline of the development of different doctrines, research dates, mark important cities and councils on a map, and examine your life in light of the teachings of history and Scripture will be a very rewarding experience. The material in the lectures and the curriculum are appropriate for ages 12 and up.


Permission is granted to make copies for individual student use within a household or classroom setting directed by the purchaser (e.g., one copy for each student may be produced for a study group, homeschool group, or family study led by the purchaser). "Drive By Theology" sold separately.



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