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Hello Wretched Person:

So there you are, planning your trip and it dawns on you, "Hey, while we are passing through Atlanta, let's stop and see our fellow Wretches."

That is a GREAT idea, and we would love to meet you too.

Unfortunately, our production schedules are crazy busy. If we take an hour out of our day, it is an hour we have to make up for at night or on the weekends. In order to remain happily married, we just have to have a "no visitor policy."

We know that makes us sound like jerks, but we hope you understand. It is not that we are like Howard Hughes, we would truly love to hang out with you; but if we do, it creates a really big burden on our work schedule.

Thank you for understanding. Hopefully we can meet at a Wretched event. It brings us great joy to fellowship with you there.


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